After searching through my archives, I finally found this message from Joel Rennich of fame.

Since Googling for that error found pretty much nothing else on the net, I thought I’d throw it here so that someone else wondering about all the

auxpropfunc error -1

entries in your syslog and console logs were could have a clear, consise answer to the issue.

Subject: Re: auxpropfunc error -1

Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 08:35:55 -0500

To: [email protected]

This is a result of Cyrus trying to use the /usr/lib/sasl2/pwauxprop

SASL plugin. It appears that this plugin handles password policies such

as minimum length and whether the user has to have numbers in the

password or not. Use of this plugin requires reading in the password

server database in /var/db/authserver. When DirectoryServices calls

this plugin it’s running as root, so it can easily read the database

in. However, Cyrus runs as the cyrus user which has no ability to read

that file. As such the plugin fails. Since cyrus has no need to check

password policy, you don’t really have a way to change your pass

through Cyrus, this isn’t an issue.



[email protected]