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Fun with

I wonder what this “Check for duplicates” thing does…


Wow, that’s a big number.

Ok, I’m brave (but only after exporting current ‘book)…
Of Course You Crashed…
Haha, but it did work..

Sucks to be joe-jobbed and on Google Apps for Your Domain


“This account has been locked down due to unusual account activity. It may take up to 24 hours for you to regain access.”

Only thing I can think of is that my catch-all address is enabled (yeah, I know, but too many years of [email protected] in use to stop now) and that I got joe-jobbed

For those of you that find yourself in a similar situation, you can email [email protected] for assistance.

Macports and mod_authnz_ldap

Ok, so typically you don’t install apr-util with openldap support.

Well mod_authnz_ldap requires it. :/

So what you have to do is re-build it with openldap support and re-install. Sounds easy?

Well the funny thing about ports is even though you build a new version (with the +openldap variant) and install it it doesn’t get used for some reason. Here’s how you get it working:

port -f uninstall apr-util
port install apr-util +openldap

Sounds easy? Yes indeed. The -f is the trick because that’s what actually uninstalls the “bad” apr-util libraries and forces a reinstall with the new “good” libs.

Oh, and port selfupdate your installation if you haven’t recently – 1.4.0 is out and some ports don’t work with older versions.