Ok, so typically you don’t install apr-util with openldap support.

Well mod_authnz_ldap requires it. :/

So what you have to do is re-build it with openldap support and re-install. Sounds easy?

Well the funny thing about ports is even though you build a new version (with the +openldap variant) and install it it doesn’t get used for some reason. Here’s how you get it working:

port -f uninstall apr-util<br /> port install apr-util +openldap

Sounds easy? Yes indeed. The -f is the trick because that’s what actually uninstalls the “bad” apr-util libraries and forces a reinstall with the new “good” libs.

Oh, and port selfupdate your installation if you haven’t recently – 1.4.0 is out and some ports don’t work with older versions.