BackTrack is the result of the merging of two Innovative Penetration Testing live Linux distributionsWhax and AuditorCombining the best features from both distributions, and paying special attention to small details, this is probably the best version of either distributions to ever come out. BackTrack –

Stuff you should not be clicking around in

[VX CHAOS FILE SERVER: Virii, Worms, Anti-Virus, Hacker Tools, Warez, Codes][1] I saw a FSM icon, clicked on it, and ended up here. Probably some useful stuff here, but sheesh – not something for the kiddies to be digging around in. [1]:

Enforce your Breaks

AntiRSI is a program for Mac OS X that helps prevent RSI (repetitive strain injury) and other computer related stress. AntiRSI –

Photoshop Trick: Pencil Sketch

Don’t worry if your drawing abilities aren’t up to snuff, all that’s required here is the ability to scribble! Photoshop converts a Photo to a Pencil Sketch Scribble, I can. Draw? Notsomuch.


Configuring a Lexmark Z600Â (Dell 720) Series Printer for Ubuntu/Linux – Open Source Solutions, South Africa

TiddlyWiki Plugins

[Pages tagged with “tiddlywikiplugin” on][1] [1]:

Pandora hacks on Lifehacker

[Technophilia: 15 ways to get more out of Pandora – Lifehacker][1] [1]:

Kitten’s Project Blog

[Kitten’s Project Blog][1] has lots of nice WordPress plugins [1]:

Radmind Wizardry

[][1] These directions describe how to add support for new hardware into an existing base load [1]:

Log File Formats

[Log File Formats][1] Log File Formats [1]: