crib sheet: ssh single-login/no password

via: <a href="">Robert Citek - crib sheet: ssh single-login/no password ( was Re: ssh-keygen )</a>

How to set up a no-password ssh connection from A to B, where A && B == trusted machines

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Pictorialis II: Framed!

[Weblog Tools Collection » Pictorialis II: Framed!][1] Pictorialis II is finally ready for a demo and maybe some beta testers. Sweeeet. Finally a photo gallery that’s fully table free (as far as I saw…) Mark, I’d be glad to test as well, and from my previous experience with Mark and WuhWuh, good things are to come of this project! [1]:

WordPress Caching Plugin

via “The caching plugin I pointed to the other day was very well-executed but it didn’t meet my needs for several reasons, mainly that it cached every bit of output, which wouldn’t be appropiate for things like my random photo.” Perhaps this will get rolled into a future version of WordPress 😀


[// hicksdesign :: about hicksdesign][1] Hicksdesign is a one-person design studio, started by Jon Hicks in 2002, after 8 years working as a designer with charities, government bodies and publishers. You won’t hear jargon or pretentious designer talk, I have built a reputation for being friendly and easy to work with. [1]:

Disinfotainment: Free Spam Filtering for MacOS X

[Disinfotainment: Free Spam Filtering for MacOS X][1] Free Spam Filtering for MacOS X: How To Do It – Version 1.5 [1]:

deleting files with find

To delete files matching *searchstring*, use the following: user# find . -name "*searchstring*" -exec rm {} ; Probably a good idea to run it without -exec rm {} ; first to see what you’d be deleting. Oh, and the space after the {} really is important – the command won’t do anything unless it’s there…



DSpam Configs for Mac OS X Server

This is a Mac OS X specific setup so that Server Admin doesn’t trample your configs if you ever make any changes (the cyrus part anyway, even though we’re not really using a cyrus delivery from postfix…)

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Finally, a scrolling trackpad driver – Apple, you should include this…

[Here’s a link][1] to the software that many of us have been searching for. It does what uControl does for your trackpad and scrolling, without the bothersome key modifier. [1]: